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Resources and encouragement for a happier and simpler Catholic family life: Prayers and devotions; Catholic marriage, parenting, motherhood; fun printables for kids & moms; modest dressing and veiling; and more.


Serenity Prayer FREE PDF Printable (Full and Short)

Litany of Humility Prayer (With Free Printable Card and PDF)

The Other Serenity Prayer (with FREE Printable)

FREE Printable Litany of Trust PDF

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement in the Home

The Magnificat Prayer PDF (100% FREE)

Prayers to End Abortion (with FREE Printable PDF)

Short Catholic Prayers For Patience (Easy, Yet Powerful)

Prayer For Self-Discipline (To Help You Stay Focus And On Track)

11 Short Daily Catholic Prayers (to Help You Get Through the Day)

Powerful Prayers for Catholic Mothers (with FREE Printable PDF)

The 12 Traditional Catholic Monthly Devotions (to Boost Your Spiritual Growth)

Liturgical Year: Catholic Feast Days in January

Liturgical Year: Celebrate Catholic Feast Days in February

Liturgical Year: Catholic Feast Days in March

Liturgical Year: Catholic Feast Days in April

The 3 Important Pillars of Lent We Should Be Embracing This Season

The Unity Prayer FREE PDF (Flame of Love)

How Catholics Can Receive a Plenary Indulgence By Praying at a Franciscan Nativity Scene (for its 800th Anniversary)

marriage, parenting, and motherhood

How to Celebrate a Christ-Centered Christmas as Catholics with Little Kids

How to Start Living Liturgically at Home with Small Kids

Lenten Decluttering (The Best Time to Get Rid of the Unnecessary Things from Home)

23 of the Best Catholic Books for Moms

43 Simple Lenten Activities for Families

Free Lenten Printables for Kids

Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Toddlers

10 Free Lenten Activities for Kids

Easter Bible Verses for Kids (With Free Printables)

20 Catholic New Year’s Resolutions for 2024


13 Free Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Pages PDF

I Love You Dad Coloring Pages (For Father’s Day)

FREE Faith Coloring Pages (No Email Sign-Up Necessary)

FREE Easy Bible Verse Coloring Pages (No Sign-Up Necessary)

8 FREE Printable Letters to Santa Templates

13 FREE Printable Christmas Tree Coloring Pages For Kids

FREE Snowman Coloring Pages For Kids (No Sign-Up Necessary)

modest dressing and Veiling

What is Modest Dressing? (And Practical Reasons to Dress Modestly)

15 Amazing Benefits of Dressing Modestly

23 Uplifting and Inspiring Quotes About Dressing Modestly

The Startling Reasons Why I Started Dressing Modestly (And Why I Am Taking It More Seriously Now)

8 Modest Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms (That Will Make You Look and Feel Great)

9 Tips on How to Dress Modestly in the Summer Heat

Modest Dressing Tips for Moms with Small Kids (Practical and Easy)

Top 21 Best Modest Swimsuits for Moms