20 Catholic New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

Hello Mamas! How time flies and it’s that time again for New Year’s resolutions that get neglected after a month or so (very guilty here)!

Every year, I always make resolutions for myself that revolve around “weight loss”, then after about 2 weeks or at most 1 month, it seems like I’ve never had the resolution as I go back to my unhealthy eating habits. 

For a change, as the new calendar year starts, I’ll focus on Catholic New Year’s resolutions instead and how I can improve our Catholic family life and my Catholic motherhood and share it here in the blog, so, I have something to look back on at the end of the year.

Let’s make Catholic resolutions together for our families and ourselves!

Catholic Family Resolutions for 2024

photo of a cross with sunlight reflections and texts on the left side that says: Catholic New Year's Resolutions

Here are some Catholic resolution ideas that might also apply to your family:

1. Pray the Rosary more frequently.

I am happy because we’ve been praying the Holy Rosary more often than in 2022. I grew up in a home praying the Rosary almost every night. Then I prayed it very seldom when I started working abroad in 2004. I tried many times to pray the Rosary on my own, but I always ended up falling asleep (grrrrrrrrr). 

Then I got married and I asked my husband if we could pray the Rosary together. He declined because he doesn’t like repetitive prayers and I didn’t get angry. Instead, I took my case to Jesus and Mary. I prayed that my husband would have a change of heart and one day would say yes to praying the Rosary. And true enough, my prayer was answered. 

My husband no longer resists when I say that we will pray the Rosary. But there are still days that we skip it, especially when he is very tired from work. We also don’t pray the Rosary on Sundays since we go to Mass. I tried to tell the husband before, but he says that we can take Sundays as a “day off”. 

When we pray the Holy Rosary, the kids also join us. But most of the time, they are just playing with their cars and making noise, and other times looking at the Rosary guide.

The ultimate goal is to pray the Rosary daily, but we are in a season that we can’t pray daily, so, I hope that we only skip it on Sundays in 2024. I truly believe that devotion to the Rosary should be a part of every Catholic family/home.

2. Go to Mass more than once a week.

We always do our best to go to Mass on Sundays. There are occasions when we don’t all go together when kids are sick. My husband goes to the Saturday evening Mass while I stay home with the kids, and I go to the normal schedule in our parish on Sunday. He also goes to Saturday evening Mass when he has to work with the bees on a Sunday.

photo of one of the small churches near our place with a Mass schedule every Wednesday - to signify going to Mass more than once a week as part of Catholic New Year's resolutions
The Church at Sant Pau de Ordal with a Mass schedule every Wednesday.

In 2024, we would like to go to Mass on a weekday. We just found out that our confessor has a Mass schedule at a church near our place every Wednesday and that’s what we are aiming to attend next year. We felt sad because when we met our confessor for confession before Christmas, he said that they didn’t celebrate Mass at the said schedule because there was only one parishioner who came. 🙁

While going to daily Mass is impossible for us right now, I love hearing daily Mass online because the homilies are such a huge help in my spiritual life as a wife and mom. 

3. Complete the five first Saturdays for the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We were able to complete the nine first Fridays for the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a family in 2022 and were originally planning to complete the first five Saturdays for the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother in 2023, but we didn’t even get started. Hopefully, we can do it in 2024.

4. Go to Adoration atleast once a month.

I’ve been to an Adoration chapel very few times in my life and it was only for a very short time. This is something that my husband and I would like to do, but we haven’t found a church near us yet that has this schedule. 

photo of an Adoration Chapel - to signify visiting an Adoration chapel atleast once a month as one of the  Catholic New Year's resolutions
The beautiful Adoration Chapel of San Nicolás de Bari and San Pedro Mártir Church in Valencia, Spain.

Hopefully, we can do this in 2024 even if it means traveling a bit further from our place. Now that I’m typing this, it comes to mind that we can also make it like a “spiritual date” of sorts. And since it also means that we have to hire a babysitter for the kids, we might as well take advantage by going on a “normal date” afterward.

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5. Read the Bible for kids as a family.

photo of Jesus Storybook Bible - to signify read the Bible as a family as part of the Catholic New Year's resolutions
Our copy of Jesus Storybook Bible.

We bought 2 Bible storybooks for kids, one in English and one in Spanish, but we’ve only read them a few times. This year’s goal is to finish one Bible in one year. We’ll probably start with the Spanish version since our youngest is not yet very good at understanding English. And the reading sessions should be with my husband because he is a very good storyteller and it should be an entire family reading session.

6. Bless each other with Holy Water.

This is an idea I got from watching one of the videos of Heather from A Catholic Mom Life. We did it for about 2 to 3 months, then, we slowly forgot about it. But it is something that I would love to do again because my kids loved it so much. They were looking forward each night before bed for the blessing of Holy Water.

7. Attend more Church and Community activities.

This is something that I really want my family to fulfill in 2024, especially since the kids are now older. We are part of the MFC (Missionary Families of Christ) Community where I have been a member since my youth days, but the community is based in my old parish in Barcelona. So, we were not able to attend most of the activities since we live far away, but I would like for us to attend more of the activities compared to last year.

8. Visit more Catholic pilgrimage destinations.

photo of a father with his two sons on their way to Valencia Cathedral as part of their pilgrimage to Valencia.
Photo of my boys on our recent pilgrimage to Valencia, Spain – walking towards Valencia Cathedral.

My family loves visiting pilgrimage destinations and hopes to visit more destinations in 2024. The budget will be tighter since we are trying to save for our vacation to the Philippines in the summer, but we will still do our best to visit more pilgrimage destinations within Spain, and hopefully, two or three during our Philippine vacation.

9. Teach kids more prayers.

We are taking a slow approach when it comes to teaching our kids things. We teach them but don’t force or pressure them to learn things right away. We just let them learn at their own pace and that’s also true when it comes to prayers.

when our eldest was smaller, he made the Sign of the cross the wrong way. We showed him how to do it correctly, but just let him do it wrong and it’s the same thing with our youngest now. We find it cute! But when JP was 4, we told him that it was time for him to learn to do the Sign of the Cross the right way, and after a few days of teaching him, he already learned it. 

Now, J (the youngest) is 4 and we will start teaching him how to do the Sign of the Cross the right way. And I think it’s also time for JP (his 6) to learn the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers.

10. Learn more about the lives of Catholic saints.

Though we’ve already explained and told some stories of saints to our kids, nothing in depth. But now that they’re older, I think it’s time to teach them a bit more elaborate about the lives of some saints. They love watching videos of cars and also Blippi, so, I’m thinking that I’ll let them watch a short film of a certain saint, at least one saint a month. 

Our eldest loves reading the prayer of St. Francis Assisi, so, it’s a good idea to let them see a short film about St. Francis as a start.

11. Go to confession more often.

My husband and I try to go to confession more often, but at least twice a year: before Christmas and before Holy Week. 

There was a season in my life when I hadn’t been to confessions over the years (10 years or more) – and yet I kept receiving the Holy Communion – how horrifying! If only I could turn back time, I would do my best not to commit this same mistake again!

I grew up going to confession regularly, but when I started working abroad, I started to go very seldom. Until I moved to Norway and then Spain and I was already scared to go to confession. Then I finally went to confession again after like 10 or 12 years, as a preparation for our Baptism of the Spirit session as part of our CLs (Christian Life Seminar) in our MFC Community.

photo of a confessional box to signify going to confession often as one of the Catholic New Year's resolutions.
One of the many confessional boxes at the Cathedral of Valencia (Valencia, Spain).

Then I got married and my husband is so keen to make sure that we go to confession once in a while (he seems to know when it’s time got us to go and sometimes I also make the suggestion).

If you are one of those who are scared to go to confession, I encourage you to overcome the fear. God is waiting for you in the confessional with open arms. I was once very hesitant to keep going to the same priest for confession because I was ashamed of confessing the same sins over and over again. But I’ve heard a homily or read an article of a priest explaining that we should not be scared or ashamed to tell the priest our sins because there’s nothing that will shock them because a priest has likely heard all kinds of sins, They already heard it all in confessions. Priests are bound to secrecy, they’re not going to tell people about your sins, and they’re not allowed to divulge them to anyone.

and most of all, pray to God to give you the strength to go to confession. I always do this hours before our schedule as I practice (I always practice since I have to make my confessions in Spanish and I’m not a native Spanish speaker).

12. Be more in tune with the liturgical calendar.

We love aligning our schedules with the liturgical calendar of the Church and we want to get better in 2024. I want our family to celebrate more feast days, but without being overwhelmed (by celebrating a lot of feast days). I want my family to live a more sacramental life without being strange or being a killjoy at friends and family gatherings.

photo of the free liturgical calendar for january 2024
You can download this January liturgical calendar for free (just click the link).

Catholic Mom New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

Now that we’re done making a list of resolutions for our families, let’s now make spiritual resolutions for the New Year as a Catholic mom and wife, which I think is way better than just focusing on weight loss (though it can still be part of our list).

1. Consistent prayer time.

There was a season in my life when I woke up at 5 am and started my day with my prayer time. But it only lasted for a few months, and then, it was already very difficult for me to get up at 5 am. My aim for 2024 is to wake up at 6 am, so, I can start my morning by praying. Spending more time praying is another goal and exchanging my phone time for prayer time. 

When I wake up late, I just say a prayer and go on with my day, but I don’t like the feeling of not making my usual morning prayer and spiritual readings.

2. Do the Bible in a year with Fr. Mike Schmitz.

It’s one of my ultimate dreams of reading the entire Bible, but unfortunately, I haven’t been successful, yet! I had already tried reading the Bible from the very beginning with the aim of finishing it. I have heard about the Bible in a year with Fr. Mike, but since I was still reading the Bible and hoping to finish on my own, so, I decided not to skip it. 

But I’ll be starting 2024 with the Bible in a year, so, I can finally finish reading the Bible. This is way better than reading the Bible on my own and having difficulty understanding the words of God. With Bible in a year, Fr. Mike will also explain. This is a good way for me to have a greater knowledge of the word of God and God himself.

3. More spiritual readings.

I usually read the Bible and other devotionals after my morning prayer. The goal is to spend more time reading books written by Catholic authors as well as more Marian books. If I can set aside just five minutes more everyday reading, then I can read more books for the entire 2024!

photo of some of the best Catholic books for moms

I have many devotional books and I got a bit stressed before because I want to read a page or two everyday at once, but this year, I’ll be changing this strategy. I’ll choose a book per month to focus and I’ll just read it at a slow pace and try to absorb the word of God as much as possible than trying to read a lot without even understanding atleast one single message.

4. More patience and less anger.

I am an impatient person and I am already aware of this bad trait of mine since I was single. But thankfully, I saw improvements when I got married. I am doing my best to be conscious about it because once I lose my temper, anger comes in, and shouting at my kids follows and I feel very guilty afterward.

The temptation is really strong in this one because even if I am already thinking about avoiding shouting, there are times that I feel like I need to shout then I get relieved after shouting. but then I feel guilty afterward. Did you experience that too Mamas? If you have any tips, please share them in the comments below.

5. Losing weight and exercising more regularly.

Though I’ve said earlier that I’m no longer making a resolution focus on losing weight, it’s still part of my Catholic resolution list but for an entirely different reason. Before I always aimed to lose weight to look good, but my reason now is for me to have better health in preparation for our plan of getting pregnant once again in the summer of 2024 (yes, finally my husband agreed after months of being firm in saying that we’re done having kids since we are already old).

I had a cesarean on both deliveries and I would like to experience a natural birth – a vaginal birth after 2 cesareans or vba2c – and I believe that my chance will be higher if I am in optimum health.

5. Sleep early.

This has been my struggle since I was single because I always go to bed late and even if I am trying to sleep early now that I’m married, I’m still struggling because I always end up sleeping around 11 to 12 mn and sometimes around 1 am. I need more sleep to be able to fulfill #1 because it will be difficult for me to get up at 6 am to have a consistent prayer time if I’m not getting more sleep. 

photo of a woman sleeping to signify sleep early as one of the New year resolutions of a Catholic mom.

What time do you go to bed and what time do you wake up Mamas?

6. Grow this blog.

I have always been fascinated with blogging since 2006 (when I was still working as an au pair in Norway). A Filipina friend I met online taught me how, but blogging was completely different back then.

I was already blogging on and off since then. This is my 3rd attempt at blogging since I got married and despite the 2 fails I’m still here determined to grow this blog as my way of sharing God and my Catholic faith into the world and in connecting with other Catholic moms around the globe.

My husband has already told me that he admires my determination because he knows that I have been into this for a very long time, and still have no plan of giving up. I told him I’d give it a year, but this time doing my best to exert the effort necessary and apply all the knowledge I know to grow this blog into 50k sessions by June 2024.  Seems impossible, but I have to challenge myself by dreaming big!

7. Spend less time with my phone.

This is another bad habit that I’ve been trying to quit for years, but unfortunately, I’m still a failure. I am determined that 2024 will be for “quitting a bad habit” year! Do you have this problem, too, Mamas?

photo of a woman with phone on her hands to signify spending less time with the phone as one of the Catholic mom new year's resolutions

Though I am already conscious not to spend more time with my phone, but the moment I hold it and scroll, it’s already able to stop. I need to find ways how to battle this temptation of always wanting to look at my phone because it’s wasting a LOT of my precious time!

8. Learn recipes related to the saints.

I once read an article mentioning the “Cooking with the Saints” cookbook, but I just brushed it off. But this year, I’ve decided to buy the cookbook and learn recipes related to the saints.

I am excited because I’m thinking about cooking a certain recipe during the feast day of a certain saint and then using it as a starter conversation to teach my kids about the life of that saint. 

I don’t have an idea yet what else the book contains, but I’m hoping that it has different ideas from activities to recipes that are fun and entertaining for kids and the entire family. It’s surely fun to bring Catholic saints to life in our home through cooking. I’ll surely keep you posted!

Resources and Apps to Help You Get Started with Your Catholic Faith New Year’s Resolution

 Here are some resources and apps to help you get started on your spiritual resolution journey:

  1. Laudate is a comprehensive Catholic app that includes daily Mass readings, Liturgy of the Hours, and a digital version of the Catholic Bible. It also offers prayers, the examination of conscience, and various prayers and resources for Catholic living. I had this before and used to read the readings of the day or part of the Bible through this app. But I ended up deleting it because I also spent more time scrolling on the other apps on my phone like FB, Pinterest, etc. afterward. I’m planning to download it once again this 2024.
  2. Hallow is another popular app that offers guided Catholic meditation and prayer sessions, as well as a library of audio-guided contemplative prayer practices.
  3. Additionally, you can listen to the Bible in a Year podcast, led by Fr. Mike Schmitz, which guides listeners through the entire Bible in 365 days.

Final Thoughts on Catholic New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

 As the New Year begins, we Catholics need to reflect on our resolutions and commit to them wholeheartedly. Whether it’s committing to a regular prayer practice, getting involved in community service, or deepening one’s understanding of the faith through study, the key is to stay focused and dedicated.

It’s also important to remember that resolutions are not one-time commitments, but rather ongoing efforts to grow spiritually and become better versions of ourselves.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to be patient with ourselves and not get discouraged if we stumble along the way. Seeking guidance and support from the Church community can also be incredibly beneficial in staying on track with our resolutions.

Let us remember that the goal of these resolutions is to strengthen our relationship with God and live out the teachings of the Catholic faith in our daily lives. As we start the new year, let’s remember to keep our resolutions close to our hearts and strive to fulfill them with love and devotion.

And as always, let’s not forget to bring our cases to Jesus and Mary for help!

Have you made a list of resolutions for the New Year, Mamas? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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