A Family-friendly Stay at Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 in Valencia, Spain (My Honest Review)

If you’re looking for a place to stay with your kids in Valencia, Spain, then you need to check out this family-friendly accommodation: Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1

I’ll be sharing my honest review of Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 based on my family’s experience during our 3-day pilgrimage to Valencia, Spain (with some sightseeing, as well) last December 28-30, 2023. 

Read on to find out more about what you can look forward to when you stay at Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1, as well as the negatives that come with it!

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Are you planning a pilgrimage to Valencia, Spain last minute?

If you are booking a family pilgrimage to Valencia last minute, I got you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🇪🇸  Top tickets and tours in Valencia, Spain:

  1. San Nicolas, Silk Museum and Santos Juanes Church (#1 selling ticket)
  2. San Nicolas Church Entry and Optional Guided Tour (the one we availed)
  3. Valencia Cathedral, St Nicholas, and Lonja de la Seda Tour
  4. Oceanografic and Science Museum Combined Ticket (the one we availed)
  5. 24 or 48-Hour Hop-on Hop-off Valencia Bus Ticket

🛌  Family-friendly accommodations in Valencia:

  1. Grandera Apart`s – Carbonell 1(where we stayed)
  2. Favara Flats
  3. Macflats Ayuntamiento

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An Honest Review of Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 (A Family-friendly Apartment in Valencia, Spain)

Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 is a family-friendly accommodation located in one of the neighborhoods in Valencia, Spain. It offers comfortable and affordable accommodation for families with kids and is located a few minutes away by car from the city center.

photo of an apartment interior showing the 2nd level, stairs, and living with with texts on the left side saying: honest review Grandera Apart's -Carbonell 1 in Valencia, Spain

The apartment has everything you and your family need to make your stay comfortable, including 1 separate bedroom, a private bathroom, air conditioning/ heating, free wifi, a flat-screen TV, a sofa bed, a washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

There’s even a storage room where the dustpan/broom is located. There’s also an iron and iron stand if you need to iron some clothes.

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Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 is located at 1 Carrer de l’Arquitecte Carbonell in La Saidia district of Valencia, Spain – which is about a 10 to 15-minute drive from/to the city center.

Its location might be a con for families visiting without cars, but a sure pro for those with cars, especially those who like staying in places away from the city center to avoid noise.  The apartment is along the street, but to our surprise, it was not noisy at all!

Here are the exact details of the location for those who want to check it out:

Dirección: 1 Carrer de l’Arquitecte Carbonell, La Saïdia, 46009 Valencia, Spain

GPS coordinates: N 039° 29.481, W 00° 22.540

Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 Property

Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 is a series of 5 apartments (A,B,C,D,O) that are joined together, but it’s not an aparthotel though since there’s no reception.

photo of the 5 series of apartments of Grandera apart's - Carbonell 1 with every unit labelled as A, B, C, D, and O.

All 5 apartments look the same from the outside but with slight variations in the interiors (based on the photos I saw from Booking).

We were assigned to apartment 0, and here are the details of why my family/ I love this apartment:

1 Separate Bedroom and 1 Bathroom With A Shower

The apartment is 2-storey with a separate bedroom located upstairs. The unit we got (O) had 2 beds which were: 1 double bed and 1 single bed.

photo of the separate bedroom upstairs of Grandera apart's - Carbonell 1 with 2 beds: a doubled bed and a single bed
The beds at the private bedroom upstairs in our unit.

The bathroom is located downstairs, close to the main door. It has all you need in a bathroom: shower and a hairdryer, clean towels, clean bathroom rag, and free toiletries like hand soap and body wash (we brought our own though since I had experience before of apartments without free body wash, or maybe the previous occupants just left it there).

photo of the shower at Grandera apart's - Carbonell 1 in Valencia, Spain
The clean, minimalist shower which I also love!

WiFi and Flat-screen TV

The free wifi is good and the TV is a smart TV that is already connected to the internet. If you have a Netflix account and other similar accounts, then you can just enter your username and password and you’re good to go. We don’t have one, so, we just use the local channels and YT. 

My husband was annoyed though because he just realized the smart TV has more advertisements than the normal one. Ads just kept popping up and he had to press the “skip button” all the time!

Sofa Bed

The leather sofa in the living room can be converted into a sofa bed and it’s a detail that we liked a lot because we decided that the kids sleep on the sofa bed.

photo of a sofa bed under the stairs.
Transforming the sofa into a sofa bed for the kids.

The extra single bed upstairs was small for 2 kids and we didn’t like the idea of them sleeping upstairs and then going downstairs to pee or something because we were a bit scared that they might fall (especially if they’re still sleepy going down the stairs).

photo of 2 kids sleeping in the sofa bed Grandera Apart's - Carbonell 1.
Our boys sleeping comfortably in the sofa bed.

So, we opened the sofa into a sofa bed during the evening took the sheets from the extra bed to put into the sofa, and took an extra comforter from the cabinet on the stairs where extra pillows, bed covers, etc were placed.

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Well-equipped Kitchen

The kitchen is complete with the kitchenware you need for your entire stay: pans, pots, utensils, an electric kettle, a refrigerator, a coffee machine, a kitchen towel, a kitchen sponge and smaller kitchen rag/towel, liquid dish soap, and even some condiments like salt, pepper, etc.

photo of the kitchen of Grandera apart's - Carbonell 1 in Valencia, Spain
The clean and well-equipped kitchen.

I brought some of my canning goods from home, so, we didn’t have to go out for dinner and we were so comfortable preparing food in the kitchen.

The dining table is located in the center dividing the kitchen and living room, but you can easily move the table and chairs depending on your preference.

There’s also a washing machine located in the kitchen, just below the refrigerator.

Air Conditioning / Heating

The apartment was warm when we arrived (we visited during the winter) and I’m sure it will be air-conditioned during the summer. The air conditioner also functions as a heater during the winter, and the remote was placed together with the TV remote for easy adjusting.

Enough Space for Kids to Play

We like that Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 has enough of space downstairs for our kids to play. This is the main reason why we decided not to stay in hotels anymore because we find the space small for our kids now that they are getting older. They need a bigger space to play and move. 

photo of kids playing with Kapla blocks with a TV on.
Our kids happily playing with their Kapla blocks and some TV time for the parents.

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They brought their box of Kapla and some toys and they had fun playing in the living room everytime we arrived at the apartment. 

Modern and Minimalist Design

This is one of the things that sold me out in staying at this accommodation. I love the modern and minimalist aesthetic of the apartment. It made the apartment look huge, well-maintained, and cozy. 

photo of the stairs and the sofa with kids playing in the living room showing the minimalist and modern aesthetic of Grandera apart's - Carbonell 1
Love the modern, minimalist aesthetic!


I was a bit worried that the apartment I chose would be noisy since it was located across the street, but to our surprise, it was not! We can’t hear the noise of the cars passing by from the inside. Perhaps it has a built-in soundproof system! I’m not sure though, but I was relieved that it was a quiet street because noise is one of the things that my husband hates the most in accommodations.

Though we didn’t hear the noise of cars from the outside, we heard some of the noise from the kids in the other unit (unit D), which is just a confirmation that the apartment is indeed a family-friendly/kid-friendly accommodation. 

It didn’t bother us at all because our kids were also making noise and the noise stopped when it was already bedtime (around 10:30-11pm), so all was good!

High-tech password System

This was the first time I encountered such a high-tech password system in an apartment accommodation!

After making the reservation at Booking.com, I received a message from the apartment with a detailed instruction on how to check-in and the password I had to enter to open the door.

The management doesn’t have to meet us in person to give us the key, what a smart idea!


This was another detail that I loved about the apartment because there was a box with plenty of books for kids in different languages that was in the open cloth rack upstairs. Our kids had fun reading some of the books.

photo of a box with books for kids in different languages

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Some Negatives – a.k.a. Things We Didn’t Like Much About Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1

It’s not going to be an honest review if I’m not going to tell you about the negatives we encountered during our stay at Grandera Apart’s. so, here are the things that we didn’t like much about the apartment:

No Free Parking

Since the apartment is located across the street, there was no designated parking. You need to roam around the neighborhood to find free parking. Thankfully, my husband didn’t find difficulty in finding one.

No Window to Open for Ventilation

Our unit has a big window upstairs that can be opened for some ventilation. However, I didn’t like the idea of opening it because it had no railings, so, it’s unsafe to open especially if you have little kids who might sneak in for a look! 

But of course, this was only my over-protective brain overreacting as my husband said that it’s safe to open since our kids are not staying upstairs anyway. But still, my mama’s brain was freaked out thinking about an open window without railings!

The Main Door Was a Bit Difficult to Open

Though the locking system was soo high-tech, we found it difficult to open the door. We need to enter the password several times before we can open the door.

photo of the door of unit O at Grandera Apart's

Maybe it was just us who were not good with our “timing” when pushing the door, or maybe it was the door’s fault. We never know, but I just want to mention it here for full transparency.

☛☛☛☛☛Check rates and availability of GRANDERA APART’S – CARBONELL 1

We Were Not Able to Use the Electric Water Boiler

My husband and I love drinking tea before bed, so, on our first time, I was preparing the electric water boiler for some water for our tea, but I observed that there was something black at the bottom. I showed it to my husband and the husband suspected that someone attempted to warm some milk, but got it burned, thus, the black part at the bottom. 

So, I used the pot for boiling water instead, and informed the owner about it on our last day via Booking, so, they can get it replaced or cleaned for the next guests. The host was friendly and replied that they were already looking into it.

Verified Reviews from Real Guests

Just click this link to see several guest reviews from previous stays and hope that they will help in your decision-making process whether to reserve or not at Grandera Apart’s.

I always ask my husband about his opinion on the accommodations I booked during or after our trips, and I also ask him to give ratings because his opinion is very important for me to determine if I made the right choice in selecting our accommodations for each trip.

Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 got his seal of approval and he gave it a rating of 7. Not bad at all, I think I made the right choice in choosing this family-friendly accommodation. 

Nearby Attraction & Entertainment

As mentioned earlier, this apartment is 10-15 minutes by car from/to the city center, so, there’s not much to see in the neighborhood in my opinion. After visiting the Oceanografic on our 2nd day in Valencia, we went walking around the neighborhood to see a bit of its surroundings. My husband went out first with the kids then he found a hair salon and got a haircut for the kids. He called me to come, too, and I also got a haircut. 

photo of a father with his two sons on their way to Valencia Cathedral as part of their pilgrimage to Valencia.

Click here if you want to read the detailed itinerary of our 3-day pilgrimage to Valencia, Spain where we visited the Cathedral of Valencia, Church of Saint Nicholas, Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados, and other attractions.

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Final Thoughts: Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 in Valencia, Spain

If you’re planning to go on a family pilgrimage or vacation to Valencia, Spain, and looking for family-friendly and affordable accommodation, I highly recommend Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 for its comfort, spacious, and modern aesthetic. But don’t forget that I only recommend this to families visiting Valencia with their cars since it’s not close to train stations (though there’s a bus stop a few meters away).

Are you planning a family vacation or pilgrimage to Valencia, Spain? Would you consider Grandera Apart’s – Carbonell 1 as your accommodation? Or have you been to Valencia already? Where did you stay? Please feel free to share your answer in the comments below.


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